A MOTHER and her son in Partington have been left sleeping on their living room floor after the floorboards in her bedroom fell through.

For four weeks, 35-year-old, Emma Wood and five-year-old Lewis Prophet have been sleeping without a bed or bedroom as her foot fell through the floorboard due to damp and mould in her home.

After repeated attempts at contacting her landlord to help make her home safe, with no luck, Emma contacted Messenger.

After Messenger contacted landlord Your Housing Group, the company promised to carry out the repairs.

Emma, who works as a cleaner said: "I have been in this house for four years and it has been none stop. This happened last February, and I believed that it had all been fixed then, but ever since we have still had damp through the floor and it has now spread up the walls not only in my bedroom but my son's as well.

"When my foot fell through my floor on October 8, they came to patch up the hole, but have still failed to come and replace the floor and make my house safe - I am constantly being fobbed off.

"I can't believe they would make someone live this way - I am still paying my full rent every month to live this way - I have had to throw belongings away because of the mould.

"They tell me the same thing every time them come to my home and I just want my house back to normal and my floor replaced.

"Since this happened, I have been in hospital with chest pains and constant headaches which I have been told is due to stress and anxiety. My son has also had a horrible chesty cough. We have been forced out the property now and have been staying with my mum. It's been a horrible few weeks."

Your Housing Group told Messenger on Friday October 27 : “The safety and wellbeing of our tenants is of utmost priority to us. When Ms Wood raised concerns we arranged for a building surveyor to inspect the property which found no dampness or water penetration.

“However, we did identify a build-up of moisture due to a lack of ventilation. Our contractors will assess the property on Monday (October 30) with a view to replacing the damaged flooring and installing vents.

“We have also advised the tenant on how to reduce condensation as this was identified as the cause of mould.

“We sincerely apologise for the delay in getting these works completed which is not in line with our usual high standards and we are continuing to work closely with the tenant to resolve issues as quickly as possible.”

Contractors attended the property on Monday but did not replace her flooring or install vents. They have told Messenger they will be attending the property for a full day on Monday, November 6, to complete full repairs.