THE Messenger highlighted former Timperley resident Victoria Walker when she won the Wedding Photographer of the year in 2016

At the time, she had just returned from photographing and filming hump-backed whales in Tonga.

The fruits of that work have recently been shown at her first exhibition, a week-long Ocean Wonders in her home town of St. Ives, which finished on October 8.

The exhibition, centred on underwater footage of whales,was screened around the walls together with documentary films by the Marine Conservation Society and the Sea Life Trust.

The exhibition also displayed work from Marine Conservationist and artist, Rob Arnold and exhibits from the Rame Peninsuls Beach Care Group.

Victoria said: “My work sought to inspire empathy as well as contributing to the public’s awareness and understanding of conservation related issues.

“I aimed to show why the oceans are worth protecting, the beauty of the whales and what would be lost if we continued to drop plastics into the sea.

“It’s the unknown which excites me about swimming with whales. From a photographic point of view, it’s mesmerising watching them from beneath the surface.

“The calfs are very playful and intelligent and will come close.”

Although she sold some prints, Victoria stressed that the prices were just above cost price . A percentage was donated to the Marine Conservation Society and Rame Peninsula Beach Care.

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Was she planning an exhibition in this area? “Watch this space,” she said.