TWO young sisters from Timperley are looking for local help after they have been selected to take part in the forthcoming Polish Open Karate championships.

Eleven-year-old Tahlia and nine-year-old Liberty Blake started karate two and a half years ago after they were inspired by their uncle who is a Sensei.

They have competed in many national competitions, but now that they have competed in all competitions at this level they are now challenging themselves to the next step.

It will be their first European competition, but as Karate is a non-funded sport they need support from the local community.

Their mother, Michelle said: “It's really important that the girls can go to Poland to compete but it isn't going to be cheap. We need to pay to enter the competition, several different kits, expenses for travelling and accommodation. We are looking for sponsorships for the children from local businesses or just for anyone to help us in any way they can.”

Tahlia and Liberty have been selling their old books and toys at the front of their house and taking part in a sponsored run to raise funds for the trip, but as time gets closer they plea for more help.

To prepare, the pair have been to Sunderland to visit world champion, Jordan Thomas and Natalie Payne, the English and British champion. They coached the girls to prepare both psychically and mentally.

Michelle said: "It could be the only opportunity my girls get to do this due to such high costs- being a sports teacher I know how important this is to educate them and I want to be bale to give them the best possible opportunity."

At only 11 years old Tahlia is a two tab brown belt, which is only one more exam off her black belt. Liberty is one tab brown belt at only nine-years-old and will be taking her second tab in the next few weeks.

Seven other children from the Yanagi Kai training group at Sale Dojo will also be joining the sisters at the competition on October 15.hey all train under sensei Ian Swain, seventh Dan Black belt. The team includes: Tahlia Blake aged 11, Liberty Blake aged 9, Luke Brigham aged 12, Daniel Bartoletta aged 11, Sam Eagle aged 11, Ellie Costin aged 12 and Ellie Payne aged 12.

They will be competing in several events - solo, pairs and teams.