TRAFFORD UK Independence Party (UKIP) has selected Andrew Beaumont as its candidate for the upcoming Bucklow St. Martins by-election.

Mr Beaumont said he will be campaigning on issues affecting the environment and housing.

He said: '' I am against greenspace development. Past generations protected it for us and it is our duty to protect it for the future. Only brownfield sites must be developed.”

Mr. Beaumont said that both Labour and Conservative councillors are backing plans to build on Carrington Moss greenspace right at the heart of the Bucklow St. Martins Ward.

UKIP would only support development on the brownfield sites at Carrington, on the proviso improvements to transport infrastructure were in place prior to development.

Mr. Beaumont added: "I believe in more social housing for those with local connections, keeping families and communities together.

"Additionally this will protect people, as secure tenancies will take away the instability of private rented properties, which will have a direct knock-on effect on reducing the unnecessary homeless crisis.''