A TUMBLE dryer caught fire at a country club in Clay Lane, Timperley this morning.

Three fire engines from Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe attended a fire at the country club in Clay Lane, after being called at 2.39am.

The tumble dryer was in in the drying room of the club and firefighters used one hose reel to tackle the fire and cleared smoke from the area with a positive pressure fan. Crew monitored the building with a thermal imaging camera to check for any remaining pockets of fire.

Firefighters remained at the scene for around 90 minutes.

The fire service says that people should take the following precautions:

* Ensure that lint is removed after every load of clothes is dried.

* Do not cover the vent or any other opening of the dryer.

* Sweep or vacuum the areas around the dryer regularly to prevent fluff build up.

* Do not use tumble dryers while sleeping or away from home.

For more information about tumble dryer safety visit: http://www.manchesterfire.gov.uk/fire_safety_advice/fire_safety_advice/electrical_equipment/