AN ENTREPRENEUR from Urmston wants to tackle the sugar content in chilled coffee drinks.

Joe Devereux-Kelly has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a new range of healthier chilled coffee drinks to the market.

The 24-year-old discovered cold brew coffee when he visited the United States in 2010 and saw an opportunity in the UK market. He since decided to create a healthier range called, Cool Cold Brew.

Joe said: “If you look at the current range of ready-to-drink chilled coffees, the average product contains over 19 grams of sugar, that’s the equivalent of 4.75 teaspoons and most of the products are highly unnatural. We’re not compromising on taste or sweetness either, our range has been developed for the quality coffee flavour and with just 4.2 grams of naturally occurring sugar on average per carton across the range.”

The coffee is made by brewing coffee grounds in chilled water over a long period of time. This is then added with other ingredients such as milk, to create a sweet drink without adding sugar.

Cool Cold Brew have a target of £100,000 to reach by September and have already made contacts with multiple retailers.

Mr Devereux-Kelly said: “We want investors of all types to be part of our journey into making Cool Cold Brew the ‘go-to’ cold brew brand in the UK and Europe.”

“The pricing point, branding, health advantages and on-the-go nature of Cool Cold Brew makes it a chilled coffee drink for everyday enjoyment and retailers are already showing great interest”

The range of coffees include: black, milk, chocolate and coconut.

If you want to help Cool Cold Brew, you can visit their crowdfunding website: