A MASS protest has been launched by residents and politicians against a plan to build a drive-thru cafe on the edge of Sale Water Park.

The application, close to the beauty spot, has been submitted has been by Euro Garages, a service station operator across the UK who is looking for permission to build a Drive Thru Coffee Shop facility on land at Dovecote Business Park, Old Hall Road, Sale Moor, which close to the M60 at junction 6. The plan (91610FUL/17) would also include site access and car parking for 27 cars and other works. If permission is given, it intends to operate the cafe from 6am to 10pm daily.

A Trafford councillor fears that the application could be the thin end of a wedge in which the site is further developed as a fuel station for HGVs and cars using the M60 and threatening the water park.

Fearing increased traffic, loss of privacy, increased noise and congestion, more than half of the residents who have been consulted and who live on Riding Close, Dane Road, Lincoln Grove, Old Hall Road, and Willow Court have complained to planners.

In one letter of objection resident James Sneath said: "The proposed coffee shop is to be accessed from Old Hall Road, which is used by numerous pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists to access Sale Water Park and the adjacent Metrolink tram stop.

"This road is busy enough already. The new development will encourage more road traffic which will reduce the safety of pedestrians and cyclists

"Old Hall Road is busy enough already, prone to traffic congestion at certain tjmes of the day the new development will increase this congestion which could spill onto the M60."

He added: "A drive-thru cafe does not promote healthy living. There are plenty of outlets for hot drinks and other refreshments in the local area already. An alternative office development or housing development would be of more use to the local economy."

Sale Moor councillor Mike Freeman said: "Such an application if successful can potentially change the dynamics of this area in terms of light and noise pollution and certainly see an increase in traffic congestion as it attracts more than just passing traffic, to an already over congested area.

"Remember a coffee shop is a retail outlet. The application will require the status of this land being changed to accommodate this if it successful. What next? A full blown service station feeding the M60?

"I would urge residents who live close by and those further afield to view the plans and let Trafford planners know their views especially if they believe this application is out of step with their vision of how this area needs to be developed."