A FOUR legged arrival down the road at Tatton Park has the keeper's hearts all a flutter.

It was caused by the eventual arrival last Sunday of the eight day overdue rare female shire who was subsequently named Secret Sensation.

Visitors to the estate' farm leading up to her birth were treated with a sneak peak vet scan of her mother, Tabitha’s, tummy as part of Tatton Park’s Secret Stories events for 2017.

Shires are becoming less and less common with only an estimated 900 to 1,500 registered in the UK, making them a breed under threat.

Once an adult, it is hoped Secret Sensation will go on to breed foals herself to preserve the breed.

Jayne Chapman, Tatton Park farm manager, said: “The secret is now out. She’s a girl! We’re so excited to welcome Sensation into the world and we’re sure our visitors will love her as much as we do. This really is an opportunity to meet this very gorgeous little foal.

“Shires and their breeding are part of Tatton’s history since the 19th century when Wilbraham, first baron of Egerton, was renowned for breeding these magnificent animals, the most famous being Tatton Dray King who won the King George IV Gold Cup in 1908 at the London Show.

“Let’s hope Sensation follows in the hoofprints of her famous relations and makes a truly, sensational champion.”

From Tuesday 25 July, visitors will be able to visit Secret Sensation every day from 12 to 5pm.