TIMPERLEY school children are taking steps to help solve the UK water shortages.

Students at Forest Preparatory School are being tasked to save over 1 million pints of water a year, following recent reports that this winter had been the driest in over 20 years.

Working with the Bathroom Takeaway, they have been given this task to see if they can become 'Water saving champions'.

Graeme Booth, deputy head teacher at Forest Preparatory School in Timperley said: “We’re delighted to be a part of the Water Saving Initiative. "As a school we are always looking at ways we can help the environment and it is a topic that we are all very passionate about.”

It's been estimated that if you leave the tap running for two minutes whilst you brush your teeth you could be wasting 20 pints of water and after all of the school visits done by Bathroom takeaway, over 1 million pints of water could be saved each year.

Julian Smith, managing director of Bathroom Takeaway said: “Water is such an essential resource that admittedly we all take for granted.

"It really is staggering how much we could save by changing small habits in our home.

"After the school visits we’re hoping that the children will all go home and share their findings with their parents and importantly implement the tips.”

The 180 children that will be visited by Bathroom Takeaway will be given a a water saving pack and set a four week challenge.

Whichever students win the challenge will receive prizes such as PlayFactore passes and a camping holiday in Europe.