AN 89-year-old woman is wishing to thank the hero who came to her rescue after she fell and hit her head on a street in Urmston on Saturday.

Elsie Gill, from Flixton, was out shopping with her friend, who was also in her 80s, on Saturday April 29 when she tripped on the pavement near to Eden Square at around 1.30pm.

Elsie had a bad fall and many people rushed over to help her but one man stood out from the crowd.

A man in his 30s, who Elsie believes is called Matthew Wall from Urmston, stayed by Elsie’s side throughout her ordeal, even coming with her to the hospital.

Elsie said: “I fell flat on my face and got a cut over my eye but I will get over that. I really wanted to thank the young man who was so kind to me. I was lay on the ground for quite a long time and the ambulance didn’t come so he drove me to the hospital with his wife and child.

“He even took me in the wheelchair up to the counter. In such a rotten world, it is nice to see people being so kind and I wanted to let him know that I appreciated his help.”

Elsie also wanted to thank an older man, who her friend said urged no-one to move her in case it caused further injury. His granddaughter found Elsie’s shoe, which flew off during the fall, and put it back on her while she was lay on the ground.

Elsie is now back at home recovering.

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