GREEN may be a lucky colour – but these beautiful budgies need some fortune to come their way.

Since Friends of John Leigh Park took on responsibility for the birds in the aviary in their park, the birds have gone from strength-to-strength and numbers have grown.

And the Friends are looking for good homes for their baby budgies.

“They make ideal pets for people at home or in care homes,” said Dave Jolley, from Friends of John Leigh Park.

“But the way things are, almost all the budgies come out green - various shades and arrangements of green.”

The Friends have struggled finding new homes for three green budgies as they are less popular than their yellow and blue friends.

And, if the chirping going on in the aviary, there could be more green budgies on their way.

“There are about 20 budgies in the aviary and there is a lot of chirping going on in the nesting boxes,” said Dave.

“So we could be welcoming a new flock soon.”

The Altrincham aviary has recently been refurbished and new nesting boxes have been made by Sandy Weipers, the “wonderful” vet who is one of the team.

There have been donations of a Kakariki named Millie, who is blooming, Joseph the Golden Mantled Rosella, and cockatiels, who have added new blood.

Prospective owners of the budgies should contact the Friends at or Alan Rydout at 07973620948.