ALTRINCHAM artist Jo Cushing has had a quacking attempt at recreating Bet Lynch, Olly Murs and Wolverine ducks for this year’s Manchester Duck Race.

Jo, who runs Open Studios Art centre in Oxford Road, Altrincham, spent more than seven hours decorating the ducks.

Coronation Street’s Bet Lynch signature beehive was made up of 100 cotton wool balls and covered with a blonde wig. To finish the look, she was then given dangly earrings and the signature leopard skin outfit that Jo found in one of her many craft boxes.

The Olly Murrs Duck was created using a specially made cardboard hat, blonde wig, painted blue eyes and a second-hand children’s shirt.

The Wolverine Duck was a little more complex as the silver blades involved a lot of plastic, a cutting machine courtesy of FABLAB and silver spray paint. Wolverine’s hair was created from a wig with hair spray.

Carole Headley, development manager for Brainwave, said: “We are very impressed with Jo’s ducks and plan to showcase them in Spinnigfields, as well as sharing them on social media. We’d like to thank Jo for all her hard work and are doing our best to send these ducks to their namesakes although Wolverine may be just a bit too far away but you never know. Last year we received a tweet from Tim Peake in Space so you never know.”

Thousands of rubber ducks will be launched at New Bailey this Easter which is just across from Spinningfields and near the Mark Addy pub.

Sale Shark stars Josh Beaumont, David Seymour and Paolo Odogwu will be at the event to show their support, and Trafford’s Bathroom Takeaway is the main sponsor.

Money raised will go towards helping disabled children to follow the Brainwave therapy programme.

The Manchester Duck Race will begin at New Bailey Bridge on Friday April 14 and the race will start at 11.00am – 4.00pm. Ducks only cost £1 and are available to purchase at