SCHOOL council members at Firs Primary School, Sale, have devised an 'E-Safety, to raise the profile of electronic safety, Trail'.

A series of huge multi-coloured hand-prints have been placed inside and outside of the school, each delivering an important message about how to stay safe online.

The trail can be completed by means of a treasure map or using codes which give clues to the next piece of the puzzle.

The trail has created quite a buzz in the school as children navigate their way from the bike shed, to the grow zone, to the school kitchen, among other places.

The trail's messages include 'Do share with your parents what you are viewing online'.

Headteacher Nerys Hitchcock said: "Parents too have made positive comments when they've spotted the posters as they pick up their children and the E-Safety Trail has provided a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about how they behave online."

February 7 was Safer Internet Day.