SHARON Richards, who founded and runs the story telling club, Success Stories, has started tutorials for individuals and groups who want to tell a good tale or give a speech.

Andrea Crump, from Wythenshawe who had only attended one storytelling evening at the Moorfield Hotel in Marsland Road, Sale, told her first tale there on January 16 after help from Sharon. It went down well.

More importantly, she is using her new found skills in her business. In it, she helps single women with dating and relationships.

Andrea 45, said: “Before Christmas I attended a business breakfast where everyone talked about their businesses.

“As Sharon had suggested, I spoke about my own, Find Love, Stay in Love. I presented it like a story, telling them about a baby and a wedding that had resulted from my counselling.

“They were signing me clients and the organiser said my talk was the best he had ever heard.”

Sharon said: “All great leaders are great story tellers. Just look at Jesus, Martin Luther King and Gandhi.”

Andrea said: “The most important thing I have learnt is belief in me. Before I was anxious about standing up in public and talking but not now.

“I feel so at ease with Sharon and trust her completely.”

Sharon said: “Success Stories has been going for eight years and we are getting lots of newcomers. I would be prepared to do classes for them, and others, paid for by the session.

“I can also help people with speeches and work presentations. Speaking in public is only second to death in what scares people.” said Sharon.

Meanwhile, Andrea dreams of doing a one woman show.

“She’ll succeed, said Sharon

To find out about storytelling schools or for individual tuition, telephone 07854 227 805.