SALE Moor is determined to sparkle this Christmas.

Last year, the village was unfortunately left in the dark after failing to raise enough funds for Christmas lights.

But things are looking brighter this festive season. Thanks to donations from residents and businesses and a JustAct community fund pledge, the We Are Sale Moor community group has raised the minimum amount needed to order some basic Christmas lights.

The group, which is leading the project, said it is ‘over the moon’ that the target has been reached but they have bigger ambitions.

A stretch target of £3,500 has been set so that more lights could be installed across the village and Christmas trees above the shops.

Christine Houlding, on behalf of We Are Sale Moor, said: “There is a sense of real community in Sale Moor that's rarely seen in other larger towns and villages. We don't have the backing of large businesses or shopping centres but instead boast a large number of independent businesses who support the village community in many ways.

“Last year, sadly we weren't able to raise enough funds for Christmas lights and so were left in the dark. This year, the council engaged with our neighbourhood forum group and enabled us to take control of the fundraising and involve not just traders, but the people who live and shop here.

“It will be a wonderful sight to see our village lit up and this wouldn't be possible without the support of our community and business owners.”

If you can help with the appeal, contact We Are Sale Moor at