STRETFORD and Urmston MP Kate Green is at loggerheads with her constituency party over the leadership of the Labour Party.

Ms Green is a leading figure in Owen Smith's leadership bid, chairing his campaign - but the Stretford and Urmston constituency Labour party (CLP) is backing current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

On Sunday, the Stretford and Urmston CLP voted 72 to 46 to nominate Jeremy Corbyn to continue in his role as leader of the Labour Party.

Ms Green recently resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.

She was called to a meeting of local members on July 8.

In that meeting, members passed a motion of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn by 78 to 76 votes.

After Sunday's meeting, a Stretford and Urmston CLP member said: "For a Corbyn supporting CLP, we are now in a position where our own MP promotes the alternative candidate.

"I wanted more from politics and now realise change is necessary to have a functioning party which reflects the requirements of society.”

Stretford and Urmston Labour Party says it has seen a surge in membership since the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Green said: "I resigned from the Shadow Cabinet in June because I had lost confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's ability to unite and lead our party.

"Owen Smith will offer a radical and credible alternative to the Conservatives, with bold policies to increase spending on the NHS, ensure the British people have the final say on the Brexit deal, and end the scandal of low pay in the retail, hospitality and care sectors."