A PRESSURE group opposed to the creation of the Barton Renewable Energy Plant (BREP) in Davyhulme reckons it can now track the pollution impact the development will have.

The Breathe Clean Air Group has teamed up with Plume Plotter to put together what it describes as "a real-time model of the Davyhulme Incinerator plume."

The Breathe Clean Air Group (BCAG) has led calls against Peel Energy’s planed biomass-fired power station.

The scheme was opposed by Trafford Council but passed following a public enquiry by the Secretary of State.

Now BCAG says it can track what the emissions will be from the plant.

The group said: "One of the great features of this model is that it's live and updated every 15 minutes making use of the current weather including wind speed and wind direction within just three miles of the BREP site.

"The Plume Plotter is built using one of the most famous air pollution modelling systems developed in the United States, to take into account the real terrain in the vicinity of the incinerator, current weather conditions and upper air data.

"As well as this, we have used the proposed emissions and dimensions from Peel Energy's planning and environmental statements for the BREP development"

It added: "As with anything of this nature, this is just a model of where the proposed emissions from the incinerator would fall, and there is no guarantee that this is 100 per cent accurate, but it will give us a very good indication."

Peel Energy declined to comment.