EVER sat at the traffic lights by George Richards Way and wondered what goes on behind the doors of the striking orange shop?

Well we can cure your curiosity.

The Messenger was invited inside Code to Exit, in Manchester Road, Altrincham, to try and succeed where hundreds had failed – to get back out.

Modelled on the successful escape room concept that is sweeping Europe, Code to Exit offers an exciting and innovative alternative to traditional entertainment.

The business is the brainchild of Hungarian entrepreneurs Andras Toth and Zolton Sos, who many may recognise as owners and vendors of Candy Land Altrincham.

The duo, who both live in the area, decided to embark on the business venture after witnessing the success of tourist ‘escape rooms’ in their homeland.

Three years in the making, Code to Exit opened to the public in August last year.

Currently there are two rooms to choose from: The Blueprint and The Test.

With it being the most suitable for beginners, the Messenger team tried their hand at The Blueprint room.

Stepping inside the ‘office’, you feel transported back in time. The room has a genuine 1950s feel and you have one object – to escape the room in 60 minutes.

This involves finding keys, solving clues and obtaining parts of a time machine. But it isn’t a matter of leaving no stone unturned – the room is cleverly put together and you will have to think outside the box to complete the task.

Don’t worry if you are lacking in Poirot skills, Andras and Zolton keep an eye on the game so that they can give you hints on a TV screen should you need them.

Floundering and flummoxed, we needed more than a few prompts but triumphantly completed the quest with just three minutes to spare.

After emerging victorious, we were shown inside the more difficult room, The Test. The theme is ‘alien abduction’ and is the only escape room in England without keys, padlocks and furniture.

The business partners are also working on a third room, which will be ready in the summer. As well as masterminding the theme, Andras and Zoltas are making all of the props.

Worlds away from the other two rooms, the third room will have a medieval ‘King Arthur’ theme and is the biggest of the three.

Andras said: “No matter what age you are, between 10 and 100, you can come and have an activity with your family, work together and communicate. It’s a fun day out, like the movies but you have to get involved and do something.

“We are also flexible – we have adapted the rooms for teams who are deaf or in wheelchairs so they can fully enjoy the game. We are really passionate about the company and want to see smiling faces when teams come out of the room – that is what matters.”

Code to Exit is open seven days a week. Current special offers include students, companies and off-peak discounts. For more information, visit codetoexit.com or call 0161 759 5025.