Sale High School, Norris Road, Sale, is hosting a new after-school music club run by Manchester Rock Academy.

Parents and children are invited to meet the tutors, try out instruments and field their questions in their first session which is free of charge.

The academy will be holding regular group lessons every Thursday 5pm from 6.30pm at Sale High School, where tuition in guitar, bass guitar and drums to children aged 11-16 is given, with a focus on beginners and intermediate players.

Students spend half the session in instrument groups with a specialised tutor. During the second half of the session the groups come together to perform what they have learned in bands to develop their musical ability.

Guy Earnshaw, bass guitar tutor and founder of the academy, said: "An after-school music club is a brilliant way for the kids to make friends and learn something productive. And an end of year concert is an amazing experience for both students and parents. I can't wait to meet some local residents and show them what we've got on offer this year."

To find out more about Manchester Rock Academy call 07881 099 119