A TODDLER from Sale may be one of the youngest people ever to ride a bicycle.

Two-year-old Teddy Gildea, who lives with his parents and seven-year-old sister, Jorja, on Lansdowne Road, has been riding his bike without stabilisers for a couple of weeks.

Teddy was bitten by the cycling bug after his dad, Jon Gildea, 35, was selected to represent Team GB for Paralympic cycling.

His mum, Kelly Gildea, said: “We bought him a balance bike and it didn’t take him long at all to get the hang of that.

“So we gave him his sister’s old bike, which is a bit big for him so he can’t really touch the floor properly.

“And he was just off, he took to it straight away. It’s a shock really.”

Kelly, 34, said Teddy is completely fearless and is always wanting to cycle down hills, a trait she suspects he inherited from his adventurous father, who has always been a cycling enthusiast.

“Jon was on his mountain bike doing some downhill riding and he snapped his leg.

“He’s now got a dropped foot and can’t walk without a foot brace, but he still works as he’s self-employed,” said Kelly.

“When he had his accident his surgeon said he’s never ride his bike again, but he said actually I will, I’ll make sure I will.”

Jon attended a Team GB Paralympic talent spotting day where selectors originally wanted him for the rowing team, but he chose cycling and is now in training, with the hope of competing at the Rio games in 2016.