PETER SADLER, a stroke survivor who turned to Sale-based story telling group, Success Stories, for moral support, has written a ‘Drabble diary’ about its effects.

Using his pen name, Pieter Egriega, a name he wishes to continue using, he wrote 100 pieces of 100 words each in six months with his left hand although he was originally right handed.

Pieter, 55, from Bollington, said: “I ‘died’ eight days after the stroke while on the loo. “Thankfully, the quick thinking hospital staff revived me.

“I couldn’t just lie in hospital. Sharon Richards from Success Stories told me about Drabbles. “Each of my Drabbles is a picture of life inside the mind of a stroke survivor.

“They’re not all a bundle of laughs. Some are angry.” Titles of some of his Drabbles are Bleeding Clot, War Hurts and Chicken Man. Pieter has received support from the Stroke Association to whom he will donate a quarter of the sales income.

Chris Larkin, regional head of operations at the Stroke Association, said: “Pieter is a true inspiration and the diary is a huge achievement. “He’s emerged even stronger following his stroke.

The book is an amazing account of his recovery.” Fellow Success Stories writer, David Llewellyn, said: “Pieter is one of life’s eccentrics. He is hilariously funny yet sensitive and though provoking.”

Pieter said: “Ultimately my diary is about my refusal to surrender to this devastating medical condition.” Published by American Company Smashwords, the ebook and paperback can both can be purchased from