A NINE-year-old girl from Ashley has read one book every day for the past six months.

Faith Jackson, of Mobberley Primary School, began the reading challenge on July 1 and finished on December 31.

As well as going to school and being involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including gymnastics, karate, choir, netball and playing the drums, Faith has managed to read 272 books.

Her mum, Laura Jackson, said: “Faith has found something she takes so much pleasure in and always strives to fit in. It makes me very proud.

“Seeing her excitement with every new book she opens is wonderful.”

Laura is hoping that this display by Faith will inspire other children and adults to read as much as she does.

Even though the challenge has now finished, the reading has not stopped.

Faith has read a further 42 books since January 1.

It was at the beginning of the summer holidays when Laura suggested to Faith that she should start reading more but as the books piled up, Faith needed little encouragement.

According to Laura, she would have to “go into Faith’s bedroom at night to ask her to stop reading and switch off the light because she just didn’t want to stop... She escapes into her own little world.”

When asked why she loves to read, Faith said: “Reading is fun. It can make you laugh and teach you facts you didn’t know before.

“My favourite book was The Hardy Boys because I like adventures.”