NEW ITV2 reality show Girlfriends has a Sale resident as one of its stars.

Hosted by Big Brother presenter, Emma Willis, the show consists of three single girls who live together in a hosue and embark on a series of dating scenarios in their search for Mr Right.

Sale’s Mellissa Travis, 26, who has been single for three years, said she decided to take part in the show because she needed to take ‘drastic action’ in her love life.

Mellissa said: “On a night out with the girls I’m not interested in men, I couldn’t care less. I’ve probably missed quite a lot of opportunities where I’ve come away because I’ve had my guard up.

“I needed a change and I just didn’t see how it would happen in the normal world. I work in a very small office so it’s not like I’d meet anyone at work and I drive to work so it’s not like I’d meet someone on public transport.”

Mellissa who describes herself as ambitious, feisty and loyal, is a lifelong Manchester United fan and describes Lee Ryan from boyband Blue as her ideal celebrity date.

Host Emma said: “Girlfriends is a dating show but not in the same vein as Blind Date or Take Me Out which is kind of very fun and light hearted.

Girlfriends is more of a serious dating show for people who genuinely want to find someone to be with, whether that be a long-term partner or somebody they eventually want to marry.”

Girlfriends in on ITV2 on Wednesdays at 9pm.