Kate Garraway has revealed when she will be returning to host Good Morning Britain following the death of her husband Derek Draper.

Draper fell seriously ill with Covid-19 in March 2020 and was put in a coma from which he did not wake up from until October of that year.

Despite being free of the virus, he had suffered long-lasting damage to his organs and required daily care.

He died on January 3 due to complications from his health conditions.

Kate Garraway spoke to ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday morning (February 5) in her first television appearance since Derek’s death.

When will Kate Garraway return to host Good Morning Britain?

Surrounded by three baskets of well wishes from colleagues and viewers, Kate said: "It is just amazing, it feels like my emotions are at 110 per cent.

"The unbelievable love that we all have for each other, we are just very very lucky.

"The love we have as a family, all of us together, that we are so connected as we always have been, having those messages makes me weep because I feel so grateful."

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She added: "I want to thank everybody. A new life starts now and I do not quite know how it is going to be, but grief is not containable.

"Life has to start. We have to pick ourselves up and go on and that is what Derek did and would want me to do."

Kate also shared that she will return to hosting Good Morning Britain on Thursday, February 8 alongside Ben Shephard.