Jack Whitehall broke down in tears after revealing the real reason why he wanted to become a father at the age of 35.

The popular comedian and Bad Education star is expecting his first child with partner Roxy Horner.

Jack Whitehall tearfully reveals why he is having his first child now

He opened up about his reasoning to Dragons Den star Steven Bartlett, telling the entrepreneur: "I wanted to have a baby because I wanted him [Michael Whitehall] to be around and to know my child and spend time with my kid.

"I've seen how amazing he is with my niece. He's the most loving person ever and so I want him to have a relationship with my kid."

Jack Whitehall also stars in a number of popular comedy travel shows alongside his father Michael Whitehall with the two making jokes and jibes at each others' expense.

During the interview on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Jack tearfully added: "I want to do all of these things and have success in my career that I can share with him, and he can see these things and enjoy them.

"I do still think a lot about impressing him. His approval does still mean a hell of a lot to me."

Fans were quick to support the comedian and writer with one writing: "Omgosh I listened to this this morning and saw a completely different side to Jack that I haven’t seen before. Such a beautiful conversation, full of emotion and it was such a pleasure to listen to his story" while another added: "Love it".