LORETO Grammar School has topped Trafford's league tables for the best progress made by pupils at GCSE level.

The Government's new Progress 8 ranking, first introduced in 2016, compares success at GCSE in eight key subjects, with additional weighting for Maths and English, against statistics gathered for academic achievement at the end of Key Stage 2, when pupils were aged 11 prior to beginning their secondary education.

Loreto came 38th out of the 6,840 secondary schools in the country and was ranked number one in Trafford from 27 schools.

Loreto headteacher Jane Beever said: “Over a number of years now Loreto girls have produced consistently excellent results at both GCSE and A level and we are delighted by the outcomes this year.

“This level of consistently high academic attainment has been based on staff, the girls themselves and our parents creating a culture of excellence which values an abiding attention to detail, hard work and intellectual exploration.”