A TIMPERLEY businesswoman is reaching new heights as her products hit WHSmith Travel stores.

Evie Waxman founded Raw Bake Station four years ago after discovering ‘raw food’ in Australia.

The dairy, sugar, and gluten free sweet treats are uncooked, allowing them to retain all of the nutrients from their ingredients.

Miss Waxman said: “The idea for the business all stemmed from a hobby and a passion.

“I went travelling for three years around Australia and found a passion for health and fitness.

“I found it hard keeping healthy and having food that would satisfy my sweet tooth, but that’s where raw food comes in.”

When she came back to the UK, Miss Waxman, 21 at the time, told her family that she wanted to make a business out of her new love, starting Raw Bake Station.

The venture started out small, with products made by hand in her mother’s kitchen.

Miss Waxman sold them at the juice bar she worked in at the time, with her creations sold under the company’s brand.

It was simple enough to get the treats into coffee shops and other juice bars across the city, but when she approached Unicorn Grocery Store in Chorlton, she was told that the products would need proper packaging to be stocked in the establishment.

After designing and creating her own packaging, Miss Waxman wanted to expand the business even further, branching out to Liverpool and Leeds.

One of her biggest challenges came as she tried to get her treats into London stores.

Miss Waxman would pretend to have meetings with the buyers for stores she wanted her product in.

She walked into each office after finding out the name of the relevant person on LinkedIn, and struck gold when she approached Planet Organics, who agreed to stock the product after some changes to the packaging.

Last year, she met the buyers for WHSmith at the lunch! food-to-go show in London.

They were unable to stock her refrigerated, short-life products, but were keen to see a less perishable treat in stores.

From this, a new range of "criminally good" crookies was born.

The idea came from a recipe that Miss Waxman had tried for her blog, instantly falling in love with the cookies.

Three flavours, Chocolatey & Orangey, Salted Double Choc, and Vanilla Choc Chip are available at all WHSmith Travel stores.

Miss Waxman, who now operates from her own premises in Stockport Road, already has plans for a new product set to hit shelves next year, hinting that it could take the form of an "everyday chocolate bar".

All products are available now from rawbakestation.co.uk.