EX-UK Special Forces Serviceman from Altrincham, who survived a Somali pirate attack has completed a landmark 150 installations of his anti-piracy and maritime security product.

Wayne Harrison, aged 51 survived the attack on his first anti-piracy mission on October 31, 2010. The team were unarmed on their chemical vessel after their belongings went missing at the airport.

After Wayne and his security team kept the crew on board safe using improvised devices, he knew more needed to be done to protect the servicemen in the future and in 2012 founded the 'Easi-Chock'.

Wayne and his security team used items made from materials they had to hand, including: planks of wood, steel bars and grates. These were attached to the doors and portholes and they installed additional layers of razor wire.

Despite their efforts the pirates managed to get on board within minutes. But after several hours all crew members escaped shaken but unharmed.

Wayne said: “Having witnessed first-hand the ease with which the pirates were able to bypass the vessel’s exterior security measures, it was clear action had to be taken to prevent future attacks.”

In 2013, Wayne’s new security feature, the ‘Easi-Chock’ was established. The aim of the product was to slow down attackers, create as much time as possible for rescue and demoralise the attackers by obstructing their progress.

Four years on, Wayne has now hardened 150 vessels.

He said: “The Easi-Chock solution is simpler, more effective and more comprehensive. Our system turns the whole of the superstructure into a safe haven by implementing many layers of defence with all the crew safely located in the engine room.”

There have been no attacks reported on the vessels fitted with Easi-Chocks’s products.

It costs approximately £7,000 to fit the equipment on the average tanker lessening the need for expensive armed guards on tankers, which cost anything between $10,000 and $15,000 per transit.

Wayne added: “Moving forwards I am keen to speak to anybody charged with the provision and specification of security products for tankers and cargo ships about how Easi-Chock provides a cost-effective long-term solution and saves operators staggering sums of money.”