A DISABLED Altrincham College of Arts (ACA) student was honoured with an Endeavour Award for her outstanding contribution to sport despite adversity on Thursday.

Jordanna Bartlett, 17, of Flixton, was presented with the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce Endeavour Award, by Chamber Chairman Dr Jackie Campbell and sponsor Carole Nash.

Jordanna was born able bodied, but had a trampolining accident when she was11 and then had to wait for hip operations. She was later told she would be permanently disabled.

However, she has not let this prevent her from pursuing her love of sport and now plays wheelchair basketball for Team GB, despite only taking up the sport last year.

She also won ‘Trafford Disabled Sports Person of the Year’ in 2011, having been nominated alongside strong competition.

“When I heard the school had nominated me for the award I was quite excited and was just hoping to win, so I’m just really happy to add it to the collection.”

Jordanna also acts as a Paralympic Sports Ambassador, performing inspirational presentations at ACA and affiliated primary schools.

“The aim is to inspire people and tell them that nothing can really stop you and even if you have a disability you can still take part in sport.”

Dr Campbell said: “The awards are for children who excel. They are not just clever, they succeed in spite of adversity or a challenging condition or circumstance.

“We receive nominations from all the local schools and we have a job and a half trying to choose, as some of the stories are so emotive.

“Jordanna is one of the most inspiring cases we’ve had, because not only does she excel in school and in sport, but she also presents talks and inspires others to succeed.”