A STUDENT from Altrincham has formed a club that went on to take part in Britain’s first ever quidditch match.

Jack Hill, a second year ancient history and history student, formed the University of Leicester’s muggle quidditch team in January.

Muggle quidditch is the real life version of the game played by Hogwarts pupils in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

The book’s characters fly on broomsticks in a bid to score points so to adapt it for non-magical play required some creativity.

Players grasp a broom between their legs and try to score by shooting volleyballs through hoops.

The snitch, a magical golden ball with wings, is replaced by a person dressed all in yellow with a tennis ball in a sock tucked into their belt.

Players chase the snitch around the pitch and surrounding areas to score extra points and end the game.

Opposing teams of seven have to put ‘quaffles’ into hoops while avoiding dodgeballs known as ‘bludgers’.

Students from Leicester were beaten 2-1 by rival team Keele on Saturday.

This was the first inter-university game in the UK played to the International Quidditch Association (IQA) rulebook.

Muggle quidditch was invented in the United States and is gaining momentum in the UK and Europe.

Jack, aged 19, of Yeoford Drive, formed the club after he read about the sport being played by other students.

The former St Ambrose pupil said: “It's something that’s really taking off. We've seen a massive interest in it, we've signed up 40 people. It was a really good day, we had a lot of fun.”