WOMEN recovering from breast cancer are 37 per cent more likely to commit suicide - and this shocking statistic has inspired an Urmston resident to set up a service to help cancer survivors.

Gabby Mottershead plans to provide free self confidence and Reiki treatments for people - but she needs to raise cash to get the service off the ground.

The money will be used to rent therapy rooms at Haigh Lea in Sale.

The 48-year-old was diagnosed with a rare and agressive form of breast cancer in 2008 and she told SUM: “Some people liken it to bereavement really - where you’ve lost the person that you were. A lot of people try and get back their old lives but they’re not the same. They might have had surgery, they might have lost their hair and certainly a lot of them lose their confidence,” she said.

Anxiety and depression are common among cancer survivors and Gabby said Reiki can be used to help people relax. She thinks women feel more comfortable talking to another woman about an illness like breast cancer.

“Because I’ve been through it myself obviously I can empathise,” she said.

Gabby was diagnosed with inflamatory breast cancer and after a range of treatments including chemotherapy she is now classed as being NED - no evidence of disease.

* Anyone interested in finding out how to supports Gabby’s fundraising should visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/confidenceaftercancer