TRAFFORD park groups, residents, dog owners and community groups have come out in force to back Messenger’s Bag It Bin It campaign.

All over the borough people are supporting the drive to stamp out dog mess being left by irresponsible pet owners.

Trafford Council are also supporting the campaign and have pledged to step up patrols in problem areas to catch-out offenders with £50 Fixed Penalty Notices.

Friends of Davyhulme Park, Friends of Newton Park, Friends of Denzell Gardens and the Devisdale, Friends of Ashton Park, the Positive Partington Partnership and Broadheath community group Two Little Ducks are just some of the groups who have contacted Messenger to show their support for the campaign.

There is a consensus among the park groups that the majority of dog owners pick up after their pets, but a few irresponsible owners are letting the community down.

Pam Walsh, chair of Friends of Davyhulme Park, thanked responsible dog owners for trying to keep the area clean but said the park was still being left dirty by those who were leaving dog mess.

“Our park is loved and treasured by many people and we hope that the campaign will heighten awareness of the serious health risks that dog dirt can pose to those who are vulnerable, especially young children. We want our park to be a safe and pleasant place for all to enjoy,” she said.

Messenger started the campaign after being contacted by Annoushka Deighton from Friends of Victoria Park in Stretford, who was sick of seeing dog excrement in children’s play areas.

Annoushka’s cousin was blinded in one eye as a child after touching dog poo and she wanted to highlight the health risks to those who were leaving excrement behind.

Dave Eatock, from Friends of Newton Park, said: “It’s just the irresponsible few who are responsible for not picking up. I don’t think it is a massive problem in Newton Park but it is problem.”

Anne Yeardsley, from Two Little Ducks, said Broadheath had a huge problem with dog dirt on Salisbury Fields and it was a health risk for the children who played football on the grass.

“It’s diabolical. They shouldn’t have dogs if they can’t clean up after them.”

How to get involved with Messenger’s Bag It Bin It campaign: -Write a letter to Messenger showing your support.

- Contact your local park’s Friends group and join their campaign.

-If there is not already a Friends group set up then contact Trafford Council for help establishing one.

-Put up posters in your local park to show people they can not leave dog mess lying around.

-Report dog fouling hot spots to Trafford Council.

-Report repeat offenders to Trafford Council.

-Always pick up after your pet.

Contact Jessica Bell at the Messenger on or 0161 908 3381 for more information.