AN URMSTON cat owner is warning residents to be on their guard after her beloved moggy was killed by a dog.

The 30-year-old Estonfield Drive resident, who does not want to be named, was left frantic after two-year-old Oliver didn’t come home last Wednesday February 9.

But her worry turned to horror when she was told by a neighbour that Oliver had last been seen in the jaws of a pit bull type dog.

After Oliver, who is a distinctive-looking white fluffy pedigree cat with blue eyes, didn’t return home, his owner put up posters along her road and neighbouring Bradfield Road and posted them through neighbour’s doors.

She then had a phonecall from a lady who said she had been woken at 2am on February 10 by the sound of smashing pots, looked out of her window and saw a pit bull type dog running off with the cat in his mouth.

Another neighbour confirmed the same story and said the tan, brown and white dog had run away with the cat down Bradfield Road followed by a youth wearing a hooded top.

Oliver’s devastated owner, who has unsuccessfully scoured the area for his body, contacted the police but was told there was nothing they could do.

She has since stopped letting Oliver’s sister Natalia out at night and said other cat owners should be aware incase the dog strikes again.

“I know it’s just a cat but he was my little baby and it just makes it worse that I know that there will not be any justice.

“I don’t blame the dog but the owners make me sick.

“I feel extremely angry about it and about the dog’s irresponsible owner who diedn’t put it on the lead.

“I know my cat is dead but I would like to make other cat owners aware that this has happened,” she said.