A SOUTH Trafford Archaeological Group (STAG) protégé has discovered buried Roman treasure in Warburton.

Archaeologist and presenter, James Balme, unearthed eight extremely rare silver Roman Republican Denarius coins dated between 252 BC and 2 BC with the help of his trusty metal detector.

James’ fascination with archaeology began when he was just 13 years old. He learnt his craft at Timperley-based STAG with the help of the current chairman, Derek Pierce, who he still holds in high regard: “Derek was my mentor for many years and taught me just about everything I needed to know about archaeology.

“I still see Derek on occasions and I’m happy to show him my finds when I make them. I enjoyed every moment of my time as a member of STAG. I was a member in its first year and I’m still involved with them some 30 years later.”

Derek was understandably proud of James’ discovery. He said: “I’m very pleased about it. I’ve known about his enthusiasm regarding the Warburton area for around 15 years. His discovery gives us better reason for our hypothesis that there is a Roman fort there.”

Derek went on to add: “I’d like to be looking over his shoulder at everything he digs up - I love what he’s doing.”

Talking about the coins, James said: “This latest find ranks as an equal find in importance to the silver Roman snake bracelet I found in 2006, that was later declared National Treasure.”

You can find out more about James by visiting his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/Tvpresenter4history.