We’ve been hard at work deciding what campaigns to focus on this year. After taking votes on all the issues we have been looking at this year (15 in total) we decided to focus on 3 issues. These are:

1. Transport: we would like to see cheaper transport fares and more school buses.

2. Apprenticeships: we don’t feel that there are enough apprenticeships available for everyone who wants to do one. Also there isn’t enough variety in the apprenticeships offered. They’re mostly in plumbing or for trainee electricians – what about if you want to do journalism or pr etc.?

3. More Talkshops and more publicity about youth centres: we’d like to see another Talkshop as it’s a great service. We also think there needs to be more publicity about where the various youth centres in Trafford are and what they offer because at the moment it seems like there aren’t a lot of activities for young people in Trafford but maybe there are – we just don’t know about it.

So there it is. Our 3 campaigns: What do you think? Are these issues you care about? Let us know by giving your comments.