I AM writing in response to Mr Hill Connor's letter, outlining the achievements of the Central Urmston Partnership.

I feel inclined to share Mr Jairath's view that Urmston Town Centre is deteriorating rapidly, perhaps even more so after reading Mr Hill Connor's list of progress made.

I do not feel that customer surveys, awareness days, and raffles amount to much progress in saving a dying centre. Forgive me for being negative, but this is not actually achieving anything!

What is the point of Urmston being involved in a Tidy Britain and Urmston in Bloom campaign when they cannot even tidy the precinct and the latest splash of colour has been provided by the plastic buckets piled high outside Pound Stretcher! (obviously stuck for space!)

As for the Christmas lights, I have obviously been shopping at the wrong end of Urmston but I will keep my eyes peeled for them next time.

I agree enthusiasm and commitment are admirable qualities but realism equally so!"

Miss A Smith, Flixton

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