TRAFFORD motorists have been hailed as an example to the rest of the region after heeding the 'don't drink and drive' message.

While there was an increase in the propoortion of drivers across Greater Manchester who tested positive, Trafford bucked the trend.

During the two week festive period 80 people were breathalysed in the borough - but there was just one positive test.

There were 29 injury accidents across the borough.

Trafford's results compare with disappointing figures across the city. Despite a lower number of injury accidents - 372 compared to 401 last year - there were more positive tests - 63, compared to 50 in 1998/99.

Insp Brian Ritson, the force road safety officer, says: "The Trafford figures are good. There is an encouraging trend there and we would like to see this reflected across the force.

"But the force wide figures are disappointing. Seventeen per cent of tests were positive across Greater Manchester as opposed to 12 per cent last year.

"I think the extended holiday has probably been a factor, and I suspect there is also an element of the 'morning after' syndrome. As well as arranging how they are getting home at night, people also need to think about what they are doing the following day.

"The returns clearly show the increased risk of being involved in a collision after drinking and we shall continue to be active throughout the year in our efforts to reduce the incidence of this irresponsible and dangerous behaviour."

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