SHOPLIFTERS have been given a shock by The Trafford Centre's anti crime initiative, Operation Sleigh.

The force and centre hailed it a success after more than 100 offenders were arrested since its launch in mid November.

The zero tolerance policy has led to the arrest of 97 shoplifters, eight people carrying out deception and one carrying a counterfeit note.

The centre's pioneering Retail Crime Initiative has proved to be the key to the success - information about known offenders is sent from the GMP Crime Management Unit to the Centre, and then passed on to retailers and security officers on the ground.

Director of The Trafford Centre James Lindsay said: "The collaboration between the Centre and GMP has proved to be a great success. The zero tolerance message we've offered has acted as a deterrent."

Sgt David Callan of Stretford police said: "The success of last year's operation has continued this year. The team of security officers as well as plain clothes security have been invaluable in infiltrating offenders in the Centre."

Ninety security officers and 310 CCTV cameras were in place throughout the operation. There were also 12 police officers and mounted police horses.

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