AS a regular reader of your newspaper I wonder if anyone in authority can answer the following questions.

1. Why can't we have a referendum regarding the development of the land in Manor Avenue, Altrincham, as was recently carried out in Haydock?

2. Why was planning permission given for Marks and Spencers to open a foodstore right oppposite Tescos' car park and within fifty yards of Kwiksave in School Road?

Car parking is almost impossible in Sale now.

3. Why will it take three years to re-furbish the Sale Town Hall when it took less time to build the Trafford Centre?

The sale of Warbrick House no doubt is being used to cover the cost.

4. Why is entertainment in Altrincham and Sale considered so unimportant?

Amateur dramatic groups are an essential part of a community such as ours.

Those without a car cannot afford, or do not wish, to travel to multiplex cinemas in Manchester or the Trafford Centre.

5. Why could not the old Odeon cinema, now JFK's be leased or converted with public money as an entertainment centre?

In my opinion it is more important to have an indoor cinema/theatre than a few seats along the canal, particularly with our kind of weather.

V Richmond, Sale

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