THE holiday season has brought out the best and worst in animal owners and lovers, according to Petline organiser Chris Butterworth.

She says: "This is the busiest holiday period I've ever known. There have been so many animals abandoned, and the pet sanctuaries in the area are overflowing with homeless cats and dogs."

On a brighter note, she says the people of Trafford have shown great kindness to the strays they have found. She says: "I would like to thank everyone who has looked after animals over Christmas. Many pets have been given food and new homes."


Jack: 10 year old neutered male tabby cat with white paws. Found on Dean Close, Partington on December 24. Call 777 8869.

Tabby: 10 month old female tabby cat with white paws and chin, wearing a blue collar. Went missing on Beech Avenue, Timperley, on December 23. Call 610 7149.

Saffy: Long haired neutered male mottled grey cat with white markings. He is not very well, and has been losing fur on his back and the base of his tail. Went missing in Ashton-on-Mersey on November 18. Call 973 0084.

Georgie: Black and gold female German Shepherd type dog, wearing a canvas collar. Went missing on Ashley Road, Timperley on December 27. Call 976 1443.

Deefa: Dark brindle female bull terrier type dog, with a white patch on her chest. She was wearing a new black leather collar. Went missing in Broadheath on December 28. Call 929 8185.


Large reddish tan dog with a collar. Found near Brooklands Station in Sale on December 22. Call 969 3255.

Old female terrier type dog, found in Brooklands area on December 26. Call 945 2154.

Tame female parrot found in Wythenshawe Park on December 30. Call 973 5318.

Old white terrier type dog with tan markings and collar. Found in Bowness Road, Timperley on December 30. Call 973 5318.

Long haired brown terrier type dog found near the Arndale Centre on Chester Road, Stretford on January 2. Call 973 5318.

Grey terrier type dog found on Cherry Lane, Ashton-on-Mersey just before Christmas. Call 902 0483.

How to use Petline: If you would like to put a pet on the register or have any news about animals but do not want to speak directly to the owners, call Chris Butterworth on 902 0483 between 9am and 9pm. If she is not around, keep trying.

If you would like a photo of a lost pet to accompany a written appeal, send it to Rick Bowen, SAM, 25 Ashton Lane, Sale, M33 6TP - but speak to Chris at Petline first.

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