A 1930s three-bedroom family home in Sale is being transformed into an eco-house.

Its doors will then be thrown open to residents so they can find out more about how to be more environmentally friendly by making simple changes at home.

Andrew Leask and his family aim to make the house, and their lifestyle in it, as sustainable as possible by reducing dependence on fossil fuels for heating, cooking and travel and finding new ways of doing everyday things.

They will look at everything from changing their lightbulbs to alternative heating systems and new ways of growing their own food.

Andrew said: “Protecting our environment for future generations should be a priority for us all, and people can make a real difference by making simple changes to their home. Many of these things can also help save money so there are benefits all round.

“Through sharing the progress on the eco-house with the community, we’ll hopefully encourage more people to take up some of the schemes and do their bit for the environment.”

Executive councillor Jonathan Coupe said: “This is a fantastic project and one that the council is really pleased to be part of.

“I’d encourage everyone to log on to the eco-house blog and consider taking on board some of the ideas in their own homes.”

You can follow the eco-house blog at traffordecohouse.com where there is information for people wanting to go green and advice about council schemes that can help you save money.

Those of you on networking site Twitter can follow the house at twitter.com/TraffordEco You can also find out more about tackling climate change at traffordismyplanet.com