THOUSANDS of people across the UK now get their energy from natural sources like the sun, wind, trees – even from underground and from the air.

With a range of renewable energy technologies available – and grants towards their cost - the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has invited residents to a technology showcase at Sale Waterside from 11am to 2pm on December 18.

Funded by the Government and the Scottish Government, the EST provides free, impartial, expert advice on saving energy and have invited people to their free event to learn more about generating energy at home.

On offer is the chance to view a range of renewable technologies, find out which renewable technologies are best for the home, speak to one of a qualified energy advisors about accredited installers and learn about grants for renewable energy technologies.

Renewable energy technologies can help save money on energy bills, reduce reliance on fuels such as oil, gas and coal and help prevent climate change.

Call 0800 512 012 to speak to an advisors or visit