A tennis coach from Altrincham will complete a 24-hour marathon match to raise funds for Kosovan children after volunteering at a summer camp and seeing bullet holes in the buildings.

David Bryceland, who coaches at Hale Village Tennis Club and Bowdon Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club, first learnt of the severity of Kosovan refugees when he was in high school in Scotland.

He then qualified as a tennis coach and was introduced through a member of the tennis club to a teenage refugee, Saranda Bogujevci, whose insights into life in Kosovo in the wake of ethnic cleansing moved David to do something positive for her community.

He then volunteered at a Manchester Aid to Kosovo (MAK) summer camp where he saw the true extent of the issues faced 

He said: “After meeting Saranda and hearing about her experiences, I wanted to do something so volunteered at a summer camp organised by MAK.

“When I got there, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

"There were no leisure facilities of any sort, and the buildings were riddled with bullet holes. It was unbelievable, a truly humbling experience.

"There were over 500 kids at the summer camp with the main focus being on drama, nature, arts and crafts.

The playing field that was at the camp David volunteered at The playing field that was at the camp David volunteered at (Image: Supplied)

"There was hardly any sport and no tennis whatsoever!

“As it’s been such a big and positive part of my life, I decided that we had to introduce tennis into the community there.

"To do that, we needed to build a tennis court which is easier said than done! 

"We had to jump through all sorts of hoops to form and register a tennis club before we could even think about how we were going to build it."

Now, David is completing the marathon match to raise funds to build the tennis court, which he says will be the only court in the entirety of the northern region of Kosovo.

In Altrincham, there are six tennis clubs as well as school tennis courts, which David said made him realise how "fortunate" children in the UK are.

He has also completed multiple other fundraisers for the cause including triathlons, 10ks and half marathons, many on the same day, and so far raised £16,000 for the charity.

Most recently, he completed the Manchester Half Marathon with his wife, Becky.

David Bryceland after the Manchester half marathon with his wife Becky (Middle)David Bryceland after the Manchester half marathon with his wife Becky (Middle) (Image: Supplied)

David attempted the 24-hour challenge in 2019, but was hospitalised with dehydration and exhaustion.

He is attempting it again as he believes the funds from the challenge will push him over the final goal to have the money for the tennis court.

Aiming to raise £5,000, David said: "This event is a great opportunity for local people to come together, have fun and support a great cause.

"People can pay to play against me, contribute to the raffle by donating a prize or buying a ticket, simply make a donation or just come along to cheer me on.

"I’m going to need as much moral support as possible, especially in the wee small hours!"

As well as taking part in or watching the marathon match, people will be able to have a go at Pickleball, take part in the infamous "wheelie bin challenge", sample a range of cakes and enjoy a bar and barcecue..

The marathon match will start at 6pm on Friday, July 12 at Bowdon Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club and conclude when an exhausted David draws the raffle at 6.30pm on Saturday, July 13.

The event is open for all to attend, regardless of tennis experience or interest and people can register their interest by emailing davidbrycelandtennis@gmail.com.