A new clinic is opening in Trafford next month, focusing on providing diagnostic tests to those suffering with cataracts.

Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester, which is based in Didsbury, is launching a series of diagnostic clinics around the city-region to make it easier for local people to access convenient NHS cataract treatment.

Residents will be able to visit the clinic to have their diagnostic tests and ensure they are suitable for surgery before travelling to Didsbury for their actual surgery.

The Trafford clinic will be based at The Delamere Medical Practice on Delamere Avenue in Stretford.

The clinic will be one of four opening across Greater Manchester, with the others opening in Bolton, Oldham and Stockport.

Christa Gore, an optometrist at Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester who will help to run one of the clinics, said: “The whole process of cataract surgery is very straight-forward for the patient, and the brief, pain free procedure really can transform vision and quality of life. 

“By opening these four new regional diagnostic clinics, we are making the process even easier. On a logistical level, patients can book in at their nearest clinic – which will be in an NHS facility or private GP practice, with the convenience of being close to home.

“At the appointment we will talk through the procedure, answer any questions they have and importantly run some thorough eye tests to check the health of the eye and ensure the patient is suitable for cataract surgery.”

The locations of the clinics have been chosen to provide convenience to as many patients as possible and have been agreed with the local NHS Integrated Care Boards.

Robert Pilling, Optegra Business Development Director, said: “These optometrist-led clinics will provide a convenient and accessible service in the regions surrounding our Manchester hospital.

“This launch follows on from Optegra’s commitment to supporting the NHS and reducing the long waiting lists which we saw post-Covid.  We have opened a series of dedicated NHS cataract clinics around the UK, and are now extending our service even further with these local clinics NHS Cataract Diagnostic Clinics.”

Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester is part of Optegra Eye Health Care, set up in 2007, completes eye procedures from its 39 hospitals, with more than 60 locations across the UK, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.