A family's first restaurant is to launch with a focus on the flavours of the Lebanon and the Mediterranean.

Hale's Yallah is to launch on the Crown Passages under the ownership of Rose Masri and Souhyb Masri.

Alongside Mohammad, Mrs Masri's brother, the couple's aim is for a family-friendly restaurant with a focus on the fusion of Lebanese cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.

They began to cook for the community as a takeaway in the coronavirus crisis before becoming a fully-fledged business with a food truck to take to events like festivals.

(Image: Yallah)

Mrs Masri said: "Cooking for my family and for my friends is a joy for me so, in lockdown, I extended the joy to our community through our takeaway. 

"To work alongside my brother made it even more special. It also allowed us to support the charities which are close to our hearts with various events."

Mr Masri said: "After lockdown we considered our options and we considered opening a restaurant which was based on the same principles of generosity and great food. 

"It took us a while to get it off the ground so, in the meantime, we invested in our food truck, getting it all kitted out for the festivals and continuing the catering side as well."

(Image: Yallah)

Hale's Yallah is to launch on the Crown Passages on July 12, which is the anniversary of Mr and Mrs Masri. The development of multiple units between Ashley Road and Cecil Road, by Forward Property Group, is the home of a number of other businesses including Aspire Gym, Coffee B, Black Aesthetics and Liz Clough Aesthetics but more units are available according to the developer.

For information about the restaurant go to yallahcuisine.com. For information about Crown Passages go to forwardpropertygroup.com. 

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.