A popular Asian street food concept which is the brainchild of a man from Trafford has featured on a food-based TV show.

Jon Green, from Urmston, spent years working in professional kitchens before starting Thief Street from the home kitchen of him and his fiancee, Ellen Birchenough, during the Covid lockdown.

The home kitchen saw Asian-inspired street food served up for takeaway and word spread quickly about their bold flavours and creative dishes. 

Along with his culinary passions, Jon spent years making a name for himself in Manchester's music scene as the singer/songwriter Rum Thief. 

Today, Thief Street has become a popular local culinary spot, with permanent pop-up locations at The Gasworks in Manchester and The Produce Hall in Stockport.

Now, Jon's talents have been showcased on the Food Network's new series Adam Richman Eats Britain, which sees the American chef and TV personality visiting unique and popular eateries throughout the UK.

Messenger Newspapers: Adam Richman, left, with Jon Green at Thief StreetAdam Richman, left, with Jon Green at Thief Street (Image: Thief Street)

Richman said of Thief Street: "To call Thief Street bar food, snack food or street food is an insult, in my opinion.

"This is just extraordinarily well-made food. That's the truth."

Richman is best known for hosting the series Man v. Food, which saw him taken on enormous eating challenges.

The American visited Thief Street's location at The Gasworks, where he sampled the Korean Fried Chicken.

Messenger Newspapers: Jon and his fiancee, EllenJon and his fiancee, Ellen (Image: Thief Street)

In response to his and Ellen's brainchild appearing on TV, Jon said: "We're still buzzing to have been featured on the show and that Adam loved what we do is humbling.

"Music and food have always been a massive part of my life and when I do less of one, the other naturally takes precedence, Ellen, my team and I work super hard to perfect our brand so the recognition has been welcome and we're excited to keep evolving and taking Thief Street to ever new heights."