Flies can be a pesky nuisance.

The summer months act as a multiplier for fly populations, allowing them to breed, and live free of cold, thus resulting in increasing numbers of flies across the UK.

Now we've entered spring, you can expect to find them in your home.

There are practical measures you can take to deter house flies, such as thorough cleaning which can get rid of breeding spots, and removing potential areas for flies to lay eggs, as they can reproduce very quickly.

Colette Toman, Interior Stylist at Make My Blinds has revealed 7 clever hacks to keep flies out of your home: 

How to stop flies coming in:

1 - Keep your windows and doors closed. The most obvious way for pesky insects and bugs to enter your home is through open windows and doors. Keep these shut for a foolproof way to keep flies at bay. If you do need to open them, consider investing in fly screens to keep flies out. 

2 - Limit light. Insects are attracted to light, so if you do have your windows open, make sure your lights are turned off while it's darker outside. If this isn't possible, make sure all blinds and curtains are closed to prevent moths and other flies from entering your home. 

3 - Keep your home clean. This may seem like common sense but don’t forget to keep on top of cleaning and make sure to clean up any spills and crumbs immediately. Flies are also attracted to moisture so it’s also important to wipe up any spillages, even if it’s just water, and fix any leaks. 

4 - Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight. Flies are attracted to the smell of food, so make sure to wash your dishes right after you use them or pop them straight into the dishwasher. 

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5 - Keep food packets sealed. You might have forgotten about the open packet of cornflakes in the back of your kitchen cupboard - but the flies haven't. Flies can easily get into open packets and containers, so make sure to seal them tightly with lids or storage clips.

6 - Use essential oils. Some essential oils, such as peppermint oil and lemongrass oil, have a strong scent that can repel flies. You can diffuse these oils in your home or apply them directly to surfaces.

7 - Keep blinds and curtains drawn. On hotter days when we need inside air flow, blinds and curtains can help to keep flies out of your home by blocking their access to windows and doors. They can also help to trap flies that are already inside your home. When choosing blinds or curtains, look for ones that are tightly woven and have a small mesh size. You can also add a fly screen to your blinds or curtains for added protection.