This is the moment an Altrincham Football Club fan has been told to 'expect a ban' after footage went viral of him spitting on a volunteer.

As the Saturday (April 6) Dorking Wanderers FC and Altrincham FC match finished in a 0-0 draw, one football fan was caught on CCTV spitting at a cameraman who was filming spectators. 

The footage, which has reached thousands of views on social media, shows a volunteer working for Bunch of Amateurs, an independent production company that documents non-league football, was operating a camera in a high-vis vest.

Moments later, a man wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans with dark hair and a beard could be seen approaching the fence, near to where the cameraman is stood.

The man then holds on to the barrier as he launches his spit on the seemingly unsuspecting camera operator.

Messenger Newspapers: The footage shows the man leaning back on the bars before spitting on the operatorThe footage shows the man leaning back on the bars before spitting on the operator (Image: Bunch of Amateurs)

Another member of the crowd, wearing shorts and a yellow and grey jacket, also appears to shout at the cameraman during the incident and walks away making an offensive gesture. 

In response to the footage, Bunch of Amateurs said on social media: "BoA is an independent production. We support Arsenal, Spurs, Charlton, Southampton etc.

"We work for the love of non-league and we always want to give every club positive attention.

"My camera ops do not deserve verbal abuse, let alone being spat on."

Messenger Newspapers: A man in a yellow and grey jacket then swore at the cameraman as the pair walked awayA man in a yellow and grey jacket then swore at the cameraman as the pair walked away (Image: Bunch of Amateurs)

The filming company suspected the assault took place because "visiting fans were frustrated with the match" and "several took it out" on the camera operations.

The BoA added: "At least two found the spitting funny.

"We're totally aware that this does not represent all Alty fans - we met plenty of good people at both games.

"We're following up with the relevant authorities but the point we want to make here is - please, if you see my team filming a match, don't give them abuse - they're just filming football."

Rich Phippen, director of Bunch of Amateurs, told Messenger Newspapers they were recording 'Dorking uncovered' when the incident happened.

He added: "For my crew to get verbally abused is not unusual, we do take a bit of stick from fans.

"Sometimes it's funny sometimes it's definitely not funny. 

"Altrincham fans in particular have given us quite a bit of abuse in the past two games.

"Partly why I posted that tweet was to discourage people to stop picking on my camera guys because they're not part of the Dorking Wanderers club.

"Even though it's a completely reprehensible action, it's senseless on every level because they're picking on people who are not even Dorking supporters.

"Sully is the guy who was spat upon. He was shocked and frustrated about the abuse he got.

"While he's shocked at the spitting, he's probably even more bemused by the reaction of the other fans who thought it was funny. That really got to him actually.

"One guy lost his head but the other fans were laughing at it and I think that really bothered him.

"We do want to point out that we get on very well with Altrincham as a football club and they were very very welcoming to my crew when we filmed there it's just the way things have gone with supporters, it has been a negative experience for us."

Also reacting to the footage, the man, who does not wish to be named, said he apologises "unreservedly" for his actions and has offered to personally apologise to the camera operator, the club and Bunch of Amateurs.

His family and friends told Messenger his actions were "completely out of character" and said that there is "no excuse" for his behaviour.

A family member added: "We have tried to get in touch with Bunch of Amateurs and Alty FC and have offered to travel down to apologise.

"His friends have been rallying around him and reaching out to him because they know things like this can really affect someone's mental health and they know him as we all do, as a gentle giant."

While his family said the Alty fan is "in bits" over the incident, they are hoping the film company will hear his apology as he takes accountability for his actions.

Altrincham FC interim CEO, Sam Mackenzie, also said she has been in contact with both the chairman and CEO at Dorking Wanderers and added: "We are taking the incident seriously".

Altrincham FC also publicly condemned the fan, writing on social media: "This kind of behaviour has absolutely no place in football or anywhere for that matter.

"We will be taking this incident seriously and any Altrincham fan who does this can expect a ban."

Dorking Wanderers FC said it trusts the rival team to deal with the incident.

The club added: "We like Alty, from the CEO to Phil and his great team, but this is an absolute shambles from a grown man, spitting on a volunteer.

"We stand with this young lad and have no doubt Alty will deal with this accordingly."

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