Last weekend Stalder Academy’s show took to the stage at Pendleton College. It was a huge success which showcased the collaborative hard work of hundreds of individuals.

Stalder Academy is a very popular dance school in Sale which hundreds of dancers attend from age 3 to adults participating in the Silver Swans ballet classes. Each March they showcase the hard work of the staff and pupils with a show containing routines from all age groups and all styles of dance. This includes an act of ballet taking inspiration from a professional ballet this year being Alice in Wonderland. This was a 45 minute ballet which contained dancers from all age groups playing a part. The ballet was double casted due to the vast numbers of people involved in the show. With little ones playing the role of roses to seniors portraying the leading roles of Alice, the White Rabbit and more.

The show also consisted of two other acts containing routines choreographed by members of the faculty. Classes at Stalder are offered in several genres such as tap, modern, contemporary, commercial and more. An audience member stated that their favourite piece was Industry Tap’s performance entitled ‘History of Music’ as “it was a high-energy, feel-good piece.” 

One of the highlights of the show that was also very emotional for those involved was saying goodbye to the leavers. Studio owner Miss Stalder shared some heartfelt memories with each pupil and shared with the audience where they students would be attending next. Two pupils will be furthering their dance training at two of the top dance colleges. Esther Mo will be attending the prestigious Rambert School which specialises in contemporary dance and Joseph Barlow will be attending Laine Theatre Arts. Saying final goodbyes to all the leavers in the summer will be extremely difficult but I wish them all the best for the future.