Last weekend, on Sunday 24th March, the Cheshire town of Wilmslow entertained its annual running festival, as organised by volunteers from Wilmslow running club, Wilmslow rugby club and the phoenix sports club. The event has significant history tied to it, beginning its first half marathon in the mid 1980s, and exemplifies Wilmslow’s community spirit. Consisting of a half marathon, ‘fun run’, and a 10k race through the area’s iconic, idyllic scenery, these three events allow sportspeople of all abilities to participate and enjoy the day. Not to mention the Langrick’s Team Challenge which allows four or more work colleagues to team up and cooperate collectively to complete the 10k or half marathon races. Similarly the affiliated club challenge presents the same opportunity for members of an England Athletics Affiliated Club, with vouchers and prizes for up to £300 available for victors.


The festival intends to support local sports clubs as well as other causes through its revenue in three forms. Profit from donations towards the race will be donated to the chosen causes, while partnerships with other charities allow publicity and give them free places on the race to help them gain revenue directly. Additionally, local event sponsors allow the event itself to take place, in turn allowing these charities to raise their platforms. Last year’s sponsors included Waters, asics, running bear and langricks. 


Undoubtedly, the Wilmslow Running Festival is the result of incredible dedication from passionate volunteers, and is vital to the area’s thriving community ethos. Speaking to Sam Carr, a participant in the 10k race this year, garnered an overwhelmingly positive response

‘Whilst the idea of running and the challenges it physically presents may be daunting to some, events like the Wilmslow running festival bring together professionals, keen amateurs and novices to enjoy the spirit of running and extol the virtues of community enjoyment. I can’t wait for 2025!!’ 


Though this year’s event has come to a close, entries are currently open for 23rd March 2025: don’t miss the opportunity to take part!